batuampar_warehouseLocation: Near to our depot logistic, est.2 km radius away from the discharge port.




Warehouse-Batam1Warehouse Logistics

Total Area of 2200 m2, 1st level -receptionist area / warehouse and 2nd level- office area.There are separation of entries in order to maintain the high security level that we look forward to imply



Warehouse-3Warehouse Exterior – Front View

Facility: Well asphalt drive-way, street lightings, clean environment, 24hr/ 7 security stand-by



Warehouse-1Warehouse Exterior – Back View

Purpose: Loading and unloading area / Stuffing and Unstuffing.




Warehouse-21Container Un-stuffing Position

This is the place where we unstuffed and store the goods prior arrival. Outdoor spot lights and 24hr/7 security guards are hired along with all-round points of CCTV to guarantee the safety of the goods.



platform_chassisPlatform Chassis

Specification : Loading capacity of 20 tons / 20 pallets
Advantage : Able to deliver punctually with min. 90 tons/day
Safety : Lashing and waterproof canvas during loading



empty_containerEmpty Container – Positioning

After unstuffing, empty containers are grounded and stacked at our depot for the efficiency of assisting demands for empty container to Pt. Sanipak (export).



stuffing_onto_lorryStuffing onto Lorry Truck -Forklift

Work Schedule : Stuffing / unstuffing, packing / repacking and storing
Safety Protocol : Foreman equipped with helmet and safety vest



alumunium_lorry_boxAluminum Lorry Box

Purpose: For urgent delivery, weight capacity 7.5 tons.

We are committed to deliver our client’s goods punctually with no delays.

Insurance coverage included.

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