Persero-Batam1Location: Opposite our depot logistic, est.200m radius away from the discharge port.

Currently our office is at Batam Center, Sukajadi. In the coming future we’re planning to move to this new location so as to ease our duty to control the logistic. However, it’s an empty warehouse therefore we need about 2-3 units / 40ft office containers.


Persero-Batam2Floor Plan







Persero-Batam21Container Un-stuffing Position

This is the place where we unstuffed and store the goods prior arrival. Outdoor spot lights and 24hr/7 security guards are hired along with all-round points of CCTV to guarantee the safety of the goods.



Persero-Batam3.1Warehouse Interior

Racks will be installed for the organizing of the incoming goods and proper storage. We will be using a warehouse software systems for the put away, storage, in and out stocks and inventory control.




Persero-Batam4Heavy Duty Racking






Persero-Batam5Loading Capacity

  • From 500 Kgs upto 3500 Kgs per Tier / Compartment
  • Height :  800mm-7500mm
  • Depth : 600 / 750 / 900 / 1200 mm
  • Length :  900mm-3600mm
  • Load : 1000-3000kg / level